Implementing the 2012 NAWMP Revision: 2017 Update (May)

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Update / Communique

The fundamental revision of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP or Plan) in 2012 added an explicit goal for waterfowl conservation supporters, complementing existing goals for sustainable populations and sufficient habitat. Adding goals and objectives for supporters increased potential relevance of the Plan; however, it also presented a level of complexity that was not entirely anticipated. Simultaneous consideration of multiple objectives, although implicit before, now is a specific focus for habitat and harvest management affecting hunters and other users of the waterfowl resource. The waterfowl management community has implemented several efforts to advance seven recommendations outlined in the 2012 NAWMP Revision and the subsequent Action Plan. Progress, briefly summarized below, has focused on clarified objectives, some key integration challenges, a commitment to informed management decisions, and possible amendments to the institutions and processes of waterfowl management. The challenge to waterfowl managers is to continue progress in these areas while also considering next steps that will be emphasized in a 2018 update of the Plan.