NAWMP Revision Comments

Written comments on the draft NAWMP revision document were received from more than 50 individuals and organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. These have been compiled into one PDF document. The comments are not arranged in any particular order in the document.

In addition, DJ Case & Associates conducted a text analysis on the comments to highlight common themes. That report is also attached.

NAWMP Input Session September 15 in Omaha, NE

A NAWMP Input Session will be held from 8 AM-noon on September 15, following the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' annual meeting in Omaha. The purpose of the session is to provide information about, and discuss, institutional and technical elements being considered for the Revision and companion Action Plan. The writing team is hosting this opportunity to discuss emerging ideas on integrated management and other aspects of the Action Plan and the Revision. The session will take place at the Hilton Omaha. Registrations are not required.

NAWMP Revision Webinar

The first NAWMP Revision Webinar was held July 27. A second webinar will be held August 25. Details for the second webinar will be posted as they become available.

Report of Results from Round 1 and 2 Stakeholder Input Workshops

The report of results from Round 1 and 2 stakeholder input workshops has been completed. The report is divided into several files: main report and several appendices files.

Additional Input Round 2

Additional input provided during the Round 2 comment period will be included as it is received. This will include a summary of comments submitted via the web site, as well as letters from Flyway Councils. These will be posted here as they come in.

Round 2 Workshops - Agenda, Presentations and Results

Seven Round 2 consultation workshops were held between September 2010 and February 2011. The first was held in conjunction with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies annual meeting. Feedback from that workshop helped to modify the agenda and process for the remaining workshops. Those workshops - held in New Orleans, Denver (Dec. 7), Portland OR, Denver (Feb. 3), Edmonton, and Ottawa - followed a different agenda than the Grand Rapids Workshop. The agenda and powerpoint presentations used for those six workshops are attached below. (Grand Rapids results are further below.)

Ottawa Round 2 Workshop Results

New Orleans Workshop Results

Round 2 Workshop Results - Grand Rapids (AFWA)

The first Round 2 workshop was held in Grand Rapids in conjunction with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' annual meeting. Input from this workshop was used to modify the agenda for the remaining workshops and the results are reported separately from the other workshops.

Additional Round 1 Input Added

Round 1 input has been added from several flyways. Input from the Pacific Flyway Study Committee and the Central Flyway Technical Committee is already posted on the web site (Additional Input entry, below)

Plan Update - New Communique

The NAWMP Revision Steering Committee and Technical Team are working on evaluating the data from Round 1 workshops. The attached Communique 2 provides a brief update.

Round 2 workshop dates and locations will be posted by early September, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, workshop results are posted by workshop, below.

Additional Input

In addition to the recently completed workshops, a number of flyways and other groups have provided input into fundamental objectives for waterfowl management. Additional input will be posted as it is received.

NAWMP Workshops Completed

Over 150 participants have provided input on fundamental goals for waterfowl management at stakeholder input workshops in Portland Oregon, Memphis Tennessee, Sacramento California, Edmonton Alberta, Ottawa Ontario, and Milwaukee Wisconsin.

In addition, input received from flyway councils, individuals via the website, and other sources will be posted to the website in coming weeks

The Revision Steering Committee and technical support team will meet April 20-22 to synthesize result and begin the next stage of the revision process.

Milwaukee Workshop Results

Results of the workshop held in Milwaukee on March 22, 2010.

Workshop breakout discussion

Sacramento Workshop Results

Results from the workshop held in Sacramento CA, February 25-26, 2010.

Sacramento workshop

Ottawa NAWMP Workshop Results

Results from the NAWMP Workshop held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada February 16-17, 2010.

Edmonton Workshop Results

Results from the NAWMP Revision Workshop held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, February 1-2, 2010.

Memphis Workshop Results

The Memphis workshop was held in conjunction with the NSST meeting the last week of January.

Portland Workshop Results

Workshop speakerResults from the NAWMP Workshop held in conjunction with the Adaptive Harvest Management Working Group in Portland, Oregon December 2-3, 2009