Report on Review of the Plan Committee – Achieving NAWMP Objectives

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Update / Communique
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The North American Waterfowl Management Plan, with its 31-year successful history, remains the standard bearer for all continental–scale conservation initiatives. The Plan’s success results in part from a continued commitment to periodic review and renewal. A major revision of the Plan was completed in 2012, expanding the scope of the Plan to include not only waterfowl populations and the habitats needed to sustain them, but also to engage the people who value and support waterfowl and wetland conservation. After 5 years, the Plan Committee recognized that it is time to review the technical and governance-level structures, processes, responsibilities and accomplishments of the parties involved in implementation of the Plan and assess whether adjustments are needed to remain efficient, contemporary, and well-positioned to deliver waterfowl conservation. An overall recommendation calls for a focused and strategic effort to identify and refine a small number of primary responsibilities to be accomplished by the PC over the period covered by the 2018 Update.  Ultimately, the structure, composition, and processes of the PC also would be revisited. Additionally, a specific and near-term recommendation is proposed to retain the function of the Interim Integration Committee (IIC) through advisory membership on the PC from waterfowl working groups and active liaison by PC members.