PC Communique: Progress in Implementing the 2012 Plan Revision

An Interim Integration Committee (IIC), prescribed in the Action Plan, has been charged with facilitating the integration of waterfowl management and advancing many of the specific recommendations identified in the Revision and Action Plan. You will have received a DRAFT WORK PLAN from the IIC in mid-July, and we discussed this at length last week at our Plan Committee meeting in Winnipeg.

In addition we heard reports from the nascent Human Dimensions Working Group (HDWG), the NSST, the NAWMP Joint Ventures, and the Plan Committee’s new Public Engagement Team (PET). Collectively the work of these groups, in partnership with all of you is advancing the recommendations of the 2012 Revision on many fronts. As Co-Chairs of the international Plan Committee we are committed to implementing the 2012 Plan and updating you from time to time on the progress of this important work.

...As leaders of the Plan Committee, we are pleased and much encouraged to see the evident level of broad engagement and enthusiasm for implementing the 2012 NAWMP Action Plan and the work of the important task groups noted above. We look forward eagerly to an on-going process of engagement, and we invite all interested individuals and agencies to identify ways in which you can contribute time, expertise, or other resources to our collective enterprise of waterfowl management.

We understand that the 2012 Revision has set us on a challenging quest. But we have at hand the opportunity to re-focus our collective actions to sustain the birds and habitats and human connections to waterfowl and wetlands that we hold dear in the face of unprecedented social, economic and ecological changes. We look forward to your growing collaboration in this vital work.