Work Plan Feedback Received

The 2012 Revision of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) was signed in late spring 2012, an Action Plan was approved by the NAWMP Committee in December 2012, and the Interim Integration Committee (IIC) developed a draft work plan which was sent to the waterfowl management community in July 2013. Since July, we have received considerable input to the IIC work plan and associated draft revisions to NAWMP objectives. Although comments on the plan have reflected diverse views, the collective input has been very helpful in identifying the emerging themes that will need to be addressed.

All responses to the IIC work plan are posted below - take an opportunity to review the different insights provided by your colleagues. This input will be reviewed by the NAWMP Committee in mid-April and the work plan and draft objectives revisited later in the month. Any additional thoughts you have should be directed to Dale Humburg, who chairs the IIC.