NAWMP Plan Committee Priorities

On behalf of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan Committee (NAWMP PC), we are pleased to provide you with the Plan Committee’s Strategic Priorities and Actions Over the 2018 Update Period.

The NAWMP has a long and successful history of conserving North American waterfowl. Following from the 2018 NAWMP Update, the NAWMP PC undertook a strategic planning effort to address recommendations from the Institutions Subcommittee and recommendations contained in the 2018 Update. The attached report provides a summary of the strategic planning effort and identifies the NAWMP PC’s strategic priorities for the period 2019-2021. The report also updates the Plan Committee roles and responsibilities.

The Strategic Priorities and Actions report identifies numerous specific initiatives that will be undertaken by the NAWMP PC and the committee members assigned leadership roles for each of the actions. While substantive guidance on integrating management decisions continues to develop, the Plan Committee is committed to making rapid progress and fostering timely communication of the results within the NAWMP community.

Please share this email with your Flyway Council members, Joint Venture Management Board members, and other members of your networks, as you deem appropriate.

                        Jerome Ford                                                                                           Silke Neve
                        Co-Chair, United States                                                                           Co-Chair, Canada